2. Yumurayama

Fuji seen from the summit of Yumurayama (altitude 446m). If you climb the promenade for less than 20 minutes to the summit, you will say “super fell so good”. You can see Mt. Fuji in front and the Kofu Bonchi below.

Yumurayama promenade, the protagonist of Yumura walking

There are two promenades to Yumurayama.
One is from Midorigaoka Sports Park and Hosenji Temple, and the other is from Yumura Onsenkyo.
In Yumura Onsenkyo, there are two courses: one to climb from the side of the ryokan Meiji, and one to go from the back mountain through the inside of Entakuji Temple.
Ancient tombs and archeological sites are left at Yumurayama.

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On the way from Midorigaoka Sport Park, you can see many Tsumiishizuka Kofun.
Jizo Kofun and Koumori Kofun are also located at the point where the ryokan Meiji and Entakuji Temples meet.
You can see that people have lived since ancient times.
At the top is a concrete observation hut, which overlooks the Kofu Bonchi and offers views of Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps.

The summit of the mountain
At the top of the Yumurayama Castle Ruins, there is a trace of Yumurayama Castle.
The ruins of Yumurayama castle are about 65m east-west and 125m north-south.
It was once called Yunoshimayama Castle, and in one theory it was called the signal station, but as a result of excavation, it is thought that it was a full-fledged castle due to earthworks and remains.

According to “Kouhakusaiki”, Takeda Nobutora built a Hall of Tsutsujigasaki, followed by Yumurayama Castle as a lookout catsle in 1523.