2. Hachinomiya Ruins

Tragic child, Emperor Ryojun Residence

When you leave Shougenji temple and turn left, you will find the Ryokan Meiji.

This place is the place where Emperor Ryojun was swept away and his residence was located in 1643, during the Edo period when Iemitsu Tokugawa reigned.

Emperor Ryojun (Hachinomiya) is the eighth prince of Emperor Goyousei.
Touched by the anger of the emperor, he was expelled from the capital and swept away to the land of Kai.
According to one theory, Yumura, which was called Yushima-mura at the time (also known as Yunoshima and Yushima), seems to be like an island if the word “island” is included. Is said to have been renamed to Yumura.
It is said that he lived in this place and in Kouinji (Sekisui-ji, Kofu City) and left some poetry.

Whenever I hear the humming of cuckoo, I miss the central city.
Flyaway through this small village over, Yama-Hototogisu (Wild Cuckoo).